I Love the Corps

I found I Love the Corps by accident while I was working on a project. The game is completely free to try for the PDF version! If you want a game about the end of the earth that does not take itself too seriously, this game could be right up your ally!

Is It A Plane!?

Is It a Plane!? Is a TTRPG that I found by accident! It is completely free to play because the PDF is FREE! This game does not have dice, instead you have to draw comic book panels as fast as possible to create an outcome!

MultiVersus: Game Review

MultiVersus is the brawler I have been waiting for; it has a diverse cast of characters, runs smoothly, and has an excellent soundtrack. I was able to buy the founder’s pack and get a couple of days worth of early access. You can play MultiVersus for free right now! Although I got early access, this […]

Playstation State of Play 2022

We got to get a look at some of the upcoming games of this year, and possibly next year during the 2022 State of Play. The games covered here are not just Playstation exclusive. If you want to see a quick recap check out the IGN video below! Although many games were shown I am […]


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