Disney Dreamlight Valley: 2023 Roadmap

Disney Dreamlight Valley had an interesting launch. Characters that appeared on the splash screen did not appear in the game. Nintendo Switch users had to deal with massive amounts of crashing, and some players found the content lacking. 

The Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 roadmap is giving us a look at what is coming in the new year. 2022 closed with the release of Stitch, and in 2023 it looks like we are going to see a plethora of new characters.


Olaf and Marabel will be joining the valley. Olaf is from Frozen and Marebel is from Encanto. We will also be discovering the secrets of the Frosted Heights biome! Along with all the new content updates we will be celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary. 


In April we can see that Simba will be joining the valley. It is currently assumed that the new realm is going to be the Lion King realm. The roadmap says that new character(s) will be arriving in the valley, so it makes sense that Simba is not the only character coming in April. 

We will also be celebrating the Disney Parks for the April starpath. Currently, it is assumed that means we will be getting decorations from the parks. 

Early Summer 

In Early Summer we will be unveiling the secret to The Forgetting. A princess will also be racing into the valley. The community thinks Vanellope von Schweetz will be joining the valley during the summer update. You can also see a character in the window of the pumpkin house: It is currently assumed that the Fairy Godmother lives inside the pumpkin house. 

More to Come! 

Players will be getting multiplayer this year! Multiplayer is a welcomed addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley but there is no news on how multiplayer is going to work. 

It is assumed we will be seeing more new characters. Belle is featured on the roadmap and we know the devs will put characters they haven’t discussed yet into the updates. Surprise characters are a given but there is no clue yet who could be joining the valley as a surprise.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Pre-Order Bonuses

Before diving in, you need to know a few things before choosing a system to pre-order the game. Disney Dreamlight Valley will go free-to-play sometime in 2023; purchasing a pack is necessary to play on September 6, 2022. If you plan on playing on PlayStation or Steam, you must buy the package you want on September 6, 2021.

PlayStation will not support cross-progression, so if that is something you want to have, you have to make your purchase on a separate system.

First Week Bonus

The Mickey Mouse Donut Headband and Choco Crocodile will be available if you play within the game’s first week, releasing in early access.

Standard Edition

Inside every package, you will get early access to the game.

You get the clothing set shown in the picture, the complete furniture set, 3 design motifs, and premium currency. Moonstones are the premium currency for Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will be able to use Moonstones to purchase Starpaths and cosmetics. It is unknown right now what the premium shop will look like or entail fully. The developers have said that gameplay will not be locked behind Moonstones.

You can buy this pack for USD 29.99.

Deluxe Edition

You get all standard edition items in this pack as well. You can buy this pack for USD 49.99.

You get the clothing set (5 wearable items) and a celestial turtle animal companion. The furniture set includes 10 decoration items. You will also receive the deluxe edition clothing set with a jersey and headband. 14,500 Moonstones are also included in this pack. Finally, you get everything in the standard edition package.

Ultimate Edition

You can buy the Ultimate Edition of the game for USD 69.99. It comes with standard and deluxe edition cosmetic items.

You will get the regal fox and the clothing sets featured in the picture. You’ll also receive the 15 decorative items featured in the image. The Ultimate Edition jersey and Mickey Mouse headband also come in this pack. You get 3 design motifs and 20,000 Moonstones.