SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated: JellyFish Fields

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated: Map

The first level you’ll be introduced to is JellyFish Fields, a great introductory level to Battle for Bikini Bottom. You will get a nice introduction to the gameplay loop during this level and get a head start on your golden spatula collection. 

JellyFish Fields is our first stop because of how iconic the location is, and it’s the first level of the game! You will have to collect eight golden spatulas, one bottle of jellyfish jelly, and fourteen socks. 

A colorful level with a nice introduction 

So after you leave your home, you enter JellyFish Fields, an iconic location in the show. JellyFish Fields is brought to life with excellent use of color and atmosphere. Right away, you’re met with Squidward, who has been stung by a jellyfish. After a short conversation, you’re off to get some jelly for his nose. 

As you go through the level, you will learn how to attack, bash, and slam your way to stopping the robots and helping characters you know and love. JellyFish Fields is also where you will get to play Patrick for the first time, so you’re in for a good time as you avoid being stung or hit with mayo. 


Personally, Patrick is my least favorite character to play as. He can run, smash and throw watermelons and ice cubes to freeze water. Patrick in this game is a direct mirror to how he would act in the show. 

Like Sandy, Patrick doesn’t receive move upgrades. Instead, he comes with a full kit of good moves to get him through each level. Patrick can’t do any attacks that target flying enemies unless he is throwing a watermelon. He also can’t attack upwards. 

Patrick shines by using his slam and belly bash to get through robots and various obstacles, and throwing melons can be frustrating and fun. Patrick can also slam near enemies and pick them up after, giving him one more helpful feature. 

Around JellyFish Fields, you will have to gather socks, and Patrick is the best way to do this: Patrick can throw ice, making it easy to grab the sock across the water or gather a couple of spatulas around the level.

The whole game is about SpongeBob, so he has the best kit. You can bubble bash, bowl with bubbles, and even launch a bubble torpedo. SpongeBob has the most versatile kit by far, and although he isn’t my favorite character, Sandy is, he is my favorite to play often. 

SpongeBob feels like he can do more, and I am a big fan of how the character plays. He feels more polished: It makes sense because he is the focal point of the game. 

Some of his moves are annoying; the bubble bowl is my least favorite move in the game: I despise the puzzles involving bubble bowling. I like the bubble torpedo move, and I don’t think the developers knew what to do with it. It comes up often enough but is underutilized. 

The best part of SpongeBob is the character he brings to the game; his dialogue is to die for, especially with Mrs. Puff, who I am sure is selling stolen artwork as a side hustle.

The Level Itself

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated: Bubble Bowling Puzzle: Taken on the PS5.

JellyFish Fields is inviting, and the colors make it pop. Not many levels in this game are dark, but they don’t all have this beautiful coral on display: This is the first level in the game, and they spared no expense getting it ready in Rehydrated. 

I appreciate the lack of platforming in this level; in general, the game handles platforming well for most levels but not all. You can hop on flowers to gather shiny objects or hop on tiki heads. Everything is straightforward. 

Some of the puzzles had me stumped for a bit; draining the lake drove me up the wall and around a few blocks. It was well worth it when I finally got the puzzle down.

When it was all said and done, that was one of the best golden spatulas to get, at least on this level. Each enemy you’re introduced to is different enough to make the gameplay loop feel refreshing each time.

I won’t pretend to like the robot that shoots mayo; in fact, he is my least favorite robot next to the ones that blast fire. But I appreciate that each robot feels different, sounds different, and attacks differently.

King Jelly

The boss fight is simplistic; all of the boss fights in the game are, more or less. You have to avoid his shocking slam and bop him when you have the chance. It doesn’t take too much effort, and for the first fight, it’s fun.

That’s A Wrap!

Let’s cover the stars!

  • For level design, JellyFish Fields gets two stars. The colors pop, and each obstacle is not overly intrusive. I appreciate the way platforming was implemented, and the level leaves room for you to come back with a different character. For example, you will have to bring Patrick back to the beginning of the level to get the sock across the water.
  • For enemy variety, JellyFish Fields gets a star. You do get introduced to new robots, and the variety is appreciated. You will get to battle three different robots during your time in this level
  • For character variety, this level gets one-half of a star. I like that you can switch between SpongeBob and Patrick, but bouncing between them to complete quests can become slightly tedious.
  • The boss fight also earns this level one-half of a star. I like the boss fight and understand why it was so short, but I feel like more could’ve been offered. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

JellyFish Fields is not a perfect level, but four stars aren’t bad! For an introduction level, it’s a lot of fun and provides a semi-detailed environment to explore.

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