XBOX Series S: This tiny machine packs a big punch!

I am an avid PlayStation user; most if not all my games are bought on the PlayStation. I will probably always have PlayStation as my primary console: With all that being said, I decided to check out the Xbox series S and see what Xbox has to offer. 

I do not dislike this gaming system; in fact, I love it! Gamepass is a game-changer, and I find myself trying all types of games now. I have never been too into sports games, but now that I can try before I even consider if I want to buy them, I have been trying them all. 

Having backward compatibility is my favorite feature thus far. I am revisiting games I never got to try before, and I am discovering new favorites. 


I adore gamepass! Gamepass has allowed me to try new games I would have never paid money for. It also allows me to play catch-up on a few games I missed out on. 

I have every telltale game on gamepass downloaded, and I can’t wait to work through them all. I am also in the process of getting more sports games downloaded and even trying some dungeon crawlers. Having the ability to try games before buying them is fantastic. 

So far, I have only paid for a few games because of gamepass; Ryse Son of Rome, State of Decay 2, and Forza Horizon 4. I bought all of these games because I could try them on gamepass first. I already own Dishonored 1 and 2 on all my systems; otherwise, I would’ve rebought them through gamepass. 

The deals you get from the pass also allow you to stock up on more games. I like to hoard games, so this is a big steal for me. 

Gamepass is not for everyone; if you only play a game or two at max a month, you might not like this system. Additionally, the games provided might not pique your interest (yet). 

All-in-all, gamepass is a fantastic deal for any gamer, and as of right now, the monthly fee isn’t crazy. If you haven’t already tried it, look at the options provided and give it a go. 

From Playstation to Xbox 

The PlayStation offers so many features I have grown to love and have gotten used to. With some of these features, the Xbox just doesn’t compare. 

It’s easier to stream on the PlayStation 5 and even the 4. The Xbox requires you to jump into the Twitch app before streaming; from the PlayStation, you can pull up the streaming menu with just the click of a button. I dislike having to jump through hoops to do something so simple. 

The UI on the Xbox bothers me a ton. Everything is very blocky, and it can feel like a pain to get to my games, especially with so many games downloaded. The folder open helps, but not much: This is an issue I have with the PS5. 

Xbox still allows you to purchase movies and TV shows; I did this a lot on the PlayStation, and buying them on there is no longer an option. I find the whole Microsoft store easier to navigate. 

Lastly, the Xbox controller feels dull, and I suspect this is because I used the PS5 first. However, I like the shoulder button placement on the Xbox remote better. The d-pad on the Xbox remote (series s) is probably the best d-pad I have ever used. Your thumb can glide effortlessly to each button. I enjoy shooters a little more on Xbox but find the controller boring and uncomfortable: This could be because of how small my hands are. 

Internet Issues 

The Series S seems to have problems with WiFi and wired connection. I have experienced countless drops in network quality and have been thrown off of Xbox live multiple times. 

When I’m not being tossed around, I am getting horrible download quality throughout the day and sometimes into the night. It gets worse during the afternoon. 

The inability to remember at least 2 WiFi networks is unacceptable. I don’t move the Xbox out of the house often, but I would like to have at least two networks saved when I do. In 2021 there is no excuse for this feature to be missing. 

Quick Resume 

I don’t love or hate quick resume. When it works, I use it as often as I can between at max two games. However, I find that it doesn’t work often. 

The Games 

The Xbox Studio games are on the weaker side; of course, it’s still early 2021, so I am not expecting anything too insane. 

I decided to go back and see what I might’ve missed out on and will talk about these games in more detail in the future. Nothing caught my eye right off the bat, but I did find games I like after a bit of searching. 

State of Decay 2 is one of my favorites, and Ryse is an instant grab for me. I plan to work my way through The Medium but so far, it is lackluster.