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When I first created this blog, I intended to use it for portfolio purposes only. However, my goals have changed, and I am back to writing as much as possible.

I aim to post here at least once weekly, if not more. The next new game I will be covering here is Disney Dreamlight Valley: I will still cover indie games and bargain bin finds as well.

New Post Types

In addition to the mini-reviews, game reviews, and level overviews, I will re-add the indie games spotlight and a couple of new post types. Each post type gives me more freedom to create better content.

Other blog updates and changes

  • New pages are coming!
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TinkerTown: Leaving something to be Desired

I really wanted to like this one. You can get TinkerTown on Steam for $16.99.

TinkerTown is not a bad Game

Before I dive into TinkerTown, I want to be clear: This game is not bad; I just found it incredibly dull. I went in with no expectations and somehow was still disappointed by various aspects of the game. From the game’s pace to the building, and finally, the one NPC I met, TinkerTown got boring exceptionally quick. 

If these kinds of games are your thing, I recommend this game to anyone with friends to play with. Just be aware that there isn’t a story, and some parts of the exploration will feel like a slog. 

This is what crafting looks like in TinkerTown.

TinkerTown is Slow

TinkerTown feels like a slog to play. The movement speed felt like the developer had cut it in half, and the gathering felt like it was taken forever. A big problem I had with the game’s speed was the combat. It becomes a slow dance to see who takes the most damage first.

The building does not Matter? 

When a game has a base-building component, I have to try it right away. I have hours in Minecraft trying to build locations. In TinkerTown, it feels like building amounts to nothing. You will have to have a good imagination to get the structure to look just the way you want it. 

I wanted to like TinkerTown 

I went in with no expectations and came out bored and disappointed. When writing this review, the game is in early access. I feel like it needs a lot more time in development.

The scope of the game felt confusing to me. Many of the games with mechanics like TinkerTown pack a punch in other areas. TinkerTown feels like it tried to borrow from the best games in the genre and missed the mark completely. 

I only played TinkerTown for a short time. I may revisit it in the future. In its current state, TinkerTown does not do it for me. 

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion: Mini Review

Adventure Time 

Released in 2018 and published by Outright Games, this game had all the potential in the world. Adventure Time is one of those cartoons that make for fantastic video games because of how expansive the world and characters are. 

Sadly, this game was bogged down by poor performance, so much so that I couldn’t complete it even if I wanted to. 

Adventure Time 

Released in 2018 and published by Outright Games, this game had all the potential in the world. Adventure Time is one of those cartoons that make for fantastic video games because of how expansive the world and characters are. 

Sadly, this game was bogged down by poor performance, so much so that I couldn’t complete it even if I wanted to. 

I have some nice things to say 

I love the idea of an Adventure Time game with a party system and turn-based combat. I wanted to try this game for those elements in the first place. Traveling around, speaking with characters I know and love, and leveling them up has been amazing. 

I also like the voice acting and sound design. Everything sounds like it fell right out of the tv show! Each of the different areas I got to see was crafted with the characters you can have in your party in mind. 

Due to poor performance that is the last of the nice things I have to say about this game. 

I have some not so nice things to say 

The performance issues were completely out of control during my whole time playing the game. I was playing it on a PlayStation 4 first, and when I noticed the game was running poorly, I installed it directly on my PlayStation 5. 

The lag of the game and the choppy gameplay. Especially when walking around in the overworld made it impossible for me to get through this game at all. Minor bugs here and there were fine because I love Adventure Time. Sadly the game was making me feel sick to play. 

I couldn’t push on with this game 

After getting a headache or two and generally not feeling good throughout the time I had with the game, I had to put it down. Normally poor performance doesn’t affect me as much, but it was not something I could look past with his game. 

Playstation State of Play 2022

We got to get a look at some of the upcoming games of this year, and possibly next year during the 2022 State of Play. The games covered here are not just Playstation exclusive. If you want to see a quick recap check out the IGN video below!

Although many games were shown I am only excited about a handful.


Oh boy am I excited for this one! It looks like dinosaurs rain from the sky or something. Honestly, I am only expecting a fun shooter experience with what looks to be class-based elements. We are going to have to wait and see with this one!


Forspoken is one of my most anticipated games of 2022. I view it as the last chance SQUARE ENIX has to “wow” me. The premise is a young girl transported to an unknown land. Count me in. 

Forspoken was pushed back a couple of times, but I have faith that most of the game elements are going to come together.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

I am beyond excited to play this collection! The Ninja Turtles is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I believe they could benefit from more video games.

The collection will feature 13 games from the ‘80 and ‘90 Konami collections. Never in a million years did I think this would ever happen because of licensing but here we are. I hope this collection is as successful as I believe it will be, so we get more Ninja Turtles games in general.

That’s a Wrap 

Sony showed off many games, and each of them looked fun in its own way, but 2022 is jam-packed with releases I can’t wait to get my hands on. For that reason, I had to select three games I really wanted to try.

I look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for gaming.

Transformers: BattleGrounds: Wasted Potential

Developed by Coatsink and published by Outright Games Ltd., Transformers: Battlegrounds was either going to be a success or an absolute waste of time. If you’re not familiar with Outright Games, they are a family-friendly gaming company. Not all of their games feel like a complete waste of time, so I was hopefully optimistic about Transformers: Battlegrounds. Sadly, this game fails on every major front for me. The combat is underdeveloped, the voice lines are cringy, and I could feel the lack of effort put into most of the game I had played. 

Turn explanation

Low Effort

Everything about Transformers: BattleGrounds, aside from the art style, screams low effort and underdeveloped. 

The production value appears to be extremely low, and although I recognize the games’ target audience is children, come on. 

The combat system is inspired by XCOM but has none of the polish: The system is boring to play and provides little to no gameplay value. Instead of this combat system, Battlegrounds could have benefited from being a hack and slash game. 

The art style is fine.


The first thing to turn me off about this game was the number of microtransactions I could see from the moment I started the game. Most of them are skins, but it is never a good sign to me when the first thing I see for a new game is a ton of additions that frankly don’t make sense.


I find this game to be a massive disappointment in every way. The combat is stale, and all of the best parts of XCOM combat have been removed. Although the art style is fine, a lot of the game is static, and the environments are bland. 

The setup for a human having to direct the transformers was weird and frankly lazy. However, I understand the target audience for the game is children. More effort could have been put in all around.