Titanium Panda

Titanium Gaming

My primary focus is video games. However, I also enjoy writing about movies, books, and TV shows.

Some of my favorite games are Dishonored, Smite, Apex Legends, and Pokemon.

Game Reviews

A game review happens when I finish the game. A game review brings everything together. Some games will have a mini-review and a game review. Game reviews are scored out of 10. When I am scoring a game for a review, I score it off of these factors: 

  • Story: How does the story hold up from beginning to end? 
    • Side Quests: How are the side quests? Do they stand up? 
  • Concept and execution: Does the game concept hold up, and was it executed to the best of its abilities? 
  • Fun Factor: Was the game fun? 
    • Does the game offer replayability? 
    • Does it stay fun from start to finish? 
  • Does the game run? 
    • How does the game run? How many game-breaking bugs did I run into? 
  • I often touch on other things like: 
    • Music. 
    • Character design. 
    • Environments. 
    • And more! 


A mini-review typically happens before I finish the game or if a game is too short to warrant a long review. Mini-reviews are scored out of 5. Mini-reviews are scored off of these factors: 

  • Fun Factor: was the game fun to play? 
  • Design: Is the game design good? Did I enjoy it? 
  • Sound Design: Sound effects, music, and everything in between. 
  • Extras: Character design, best parts of the game, and other fun aspects of the game. 
  • How did it run? Did it crash often? Does it play well?: These are some of the things I think of when I deduct points. 

Indie Game Spotlights 

For an indie game to make it to the indie game spotlight section, it has to score a 4/5 on its mini-review. After that, I take another look at the game and examine it further. Any game has a chance of making it onto the indie game spotlight section regardless of when it was released or the platform it was released on. 

Other Content 

  • I rate movies out of 10. 
    • If I cover a series of movies, I consistently rate the series out of 20. 
  • I rate TV shows out of 10. 
    • Each season gets a review.
  • Level Dives
    • When I do a level dive, I pull the level out of the game itself. Sometimes bad games have good levels.
    • I will not look at the game overall when considering the score for the level I am reviewing.