Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice: Level Review


The Sacrifice is the last campaign in Left 4 Dead. It is one of the best campaigns in the game. It is on the shorter side of the campaigns, but that is fine. The Sacrifice did not need to have more levels, it did everything it needed to do in the amount of time it had. 

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What makes The Sacrifice good? 

The Sacrifice is one of the best campaigns in Left 4 Dead because it tells a story without overstaying its welcome. During the events of the Sacrifice, you can get an achievement for killing Bill, and in canon he is dead. 

What makes The Sacrifice stand out as one of the better campaigns is the clear focal point of the campaign. The designers knew what they wanted to do and what story they wanted to tell.

The lack of ambiance is not an issue. 

The Sacrifice tells a story and because of that, the lack of level ambiance is alright with me. With Left 4 Dead there is a give and take that I have grown to get used to. Although this give-and-take gets less noticeable in the second game, it is highly noticeable in The Sacrifice campaign. 

Your group is trying to cross a bridge at the very end of the campaign and one member has to jump down to refill a generator. Bill ends up doing this and it causes a ripple effect with Zoey: She goes through subtle character development that can be seen in the second game. 

The level design is lacking 

The biggest fault with The Sacrifice campaign is the fact that the level design is extremely shallow. Despite having a shallow-level design the set pieces get their point across. The Sacrifice did not need to be overly complicated. I realized this during my second run of the campaign. 

What makes the level design lacking is how bland everything looks: Again, this is okay because the campaign serves a purpose. Despite the levels looking bland it was still a good time to run through the campaign. 

In closing… 

The Sacrifice is a fine campaign that serves its purpose. The Sacrifice campaign is meant to tell a story and it succeeds in doing that. Granted, for the whole story to be told the player will have to sacrifice Bill and get the achievement that goes with it. 

Because the Sacrifice campaign does not overstay its welcome and succeeds at its goal, this level is going to get 3/5 stars. 

Rating: 3 out of 5.