Taking a look at my 2022 Steam recap

  1. Introduction
    1. The Highlights 
    2. How I Compare 
    3. Other Interesting Stats 
  2. What do I spend my time Playing? 
    1. March
    2. April 
    3. May 


As a way of taking a step back from my Left 4 Dead project, I wanted to dive into my Steam 2022 recap. This article will contain the complete recap as well as some things I would like to accomplish in 2022. 

The Highlights 

Right off the bat, I am hit with Bloons Adventure Time TD: I have not gotten to talk about this game yet but it is one of my favorites of last year. Tower Defense is my favorite genre so it was quite a surprise to find one that I like so much. 

Another pleasant surprise was Bloons TD 6. Like the Adventure Time game, Bloons TD 6 has stolen a place in my heart and is now a permanent download on my computer.

How I Compare 

These stats surprise me because, for a lot of 2022, I did not have my ethernet cable hooked up to my computer. I thought I got to play way less and it turns out I am above average for these stats.

Other Interesting Stats 

What do I spend my time Playing? 

Tower Defense is by far my favorite genre when it is done correctly. I do not talk enough about the genre on this blog but I will get around to it. It is not surprising to me how much Tower Defense I played in 2022. 

Open World Survival Craft is another one that is not much of a surprise. On Xbox, I like to spend my time playing Ark and Conan so it was no surprise to see I tend to do the same on Steam. Management is yet another genre I am not surprised to see, some of my favorite games of 2022 were Management games. 

I can ignore Zombies and Creature Collecting for the time being. Most of the Creature Collector games I got to play were extremely underwhelming. The Zombie games likely came from Left 4 Dead since I am doing a project on those games. 

As for FPS, I want to get better at shooting with a mouse overall, and I am happy to see I was working towards that goal in the first place. Overall I am happy to see these stats even though they confirm what I already know. 

I would like to broaden my horizons for 2023 and expand to some genres I do not typically play or outright ignore. 


Diving into March I got to play a lot of games. Some of them I liked and some of them I regretted buying.

As I said at the start of this article, Bloons Adventure Time TD is one of my favorite games of 2022. I would wager that it is one of my favorite tower defense games ever. I will eventually cover it on this blog this year. Go Home Dinosaurs was another pleasant surprise! You can check out the full review and the mini-review right now! 

I am not going to get into Automachef here although I think it is a great game. Left 4 Dead started in March and I believe that is when I started my Left 4 Dead project.

Toadled is such a stupid game: With that being said it is a lot of fun and a great way to kill time when you don’t know what you want to play. Ion Fury is another game that is really fun and I have to finish it.

Glyph is one of my favorite indie games of 2022. I will admit that I suck at it but the art style and simplistic gameplay have drawn me in. If you like to build dioramas you might enjoy Diorama Builder.

ToeJam and Earl turned me off the moment I started playing. I want to dive in and give it some more time before tossing it in the trash pile. Fun with Ragdolls is one of the worst bundle games I got during 2022.

As I was cleaning out my backlog I got to play classics like; Super Duper Party Pooper and Luke SideWalker. None of these games are exceptional, and I likely won’t cover a single one on the blog anytime soon, but they are a great way to kill time. 

Unfortunately, I did not get to play Fling to the Finish because it did not have matchmaking when I fired it up for the first time.

Finally, to close out the month of March I got to play Monsters’ Den Godfall: A game that I remember nothing about and will have to revisit. RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe: A game that I could not get to run on my computer. Bloons TD5: A fun game that I mostly play on the Xbox since I have the sixth game on Steam.


I have already spoken about Bloons Adventure Time TD so I won’t dive into it more. TinkerTown was a bundle game I was looking forward to and honestly it let me down.


  Chromagun was such a pleasant surprise. It is a fun puzzle game that I would love to cover on the blog. 

Coromon is a fun game, I mostly play it on the Nintendo Switch. Popup Dungeon did not sit well with me, no matter how long I tried to play it.

The Rest of the Year and Moving Forward 

For the rest of the year, I got to try other games, most of them were indie games. As for 2022, I had a lot of fun with gaming in general. Although there were some major disappointments, as an overall experience I can say I learned a lot. 

Going through this recap has made me realize there is a lot I want to do with this blog and not an unlimited amount of time to do it. At the start of this year, I was considering covering more AAA games but I now realize I am happy trying what looks interesting. Finally, I look forward to experimenting with article types and growing this blog to what I know it can be.