Is It A Plane!?

What is this Game About? 

Is It A Plane is a tabletop roleplaying game where you replace dice with doodles! 

As you are playing the game, the group will all draw panels at once. After the panels are done the Editor (Game Master) is going to decide what happens next from the panels: This game is best played in person but can be done in an online group as well. 

No Dice? 

Since this game is diceless you have to take action by doodling. You are going to have to draw as fast as possible, there is no refining the drawings you are making. The bigger the panel the greater the power it can have. 

You are only going to have 22 pages to achieve success so you are going to have to be smart with your actions. You draw your actions at the same time. 

The PDF is FREE!

Is It a Plane!? Is technically a free game! You can pick it up on DriveThruRPG right now! Inside the book, you will find everything you need to play the game! Is It a Plane could be just what you need to break up a long campaign if you want to try something fresh! 


Is It a Plane!? Is a game I would not have stumbled on if I wasn’t working on my big ttrpg project. Although I believe the game would work best in person, you could use drawing apps or Roll20 and play it online. 

Psychic Cactus Games has a couple of other games I am dying to try out now. 

The cover of this article is the cover used for Is It A Plane!? I am not affiliated with the company in any way.