I Love the Corps

Try the Quickstart

I Love Corps is a game that ties military, action, science fiction, and horror together in one messy package. I Love Corps is designed to feel like a movie or show, this comes through in its rules. The game uses only a D6 for cinematic storytelling. Although I found the quickstart rules to be a tad messy there is enough of a fun game here to have a good time. 

What is the game About? 

I Love Corps is about what happens after the earth dies. You will be fighting “rebel scum” and monsters as you play as one of the United Colonial Marine Corps. You can pick up the quickstart for free on DriveThruRpg. 

Before Diving In… 

I Love the Corps is rough around the edges. The game’s tone is not going to be something that everyone. The rest of this article is going to cover everything that Psychic Cactus Games has released for I Love the Corps. This game does not take itself too seriously! So if that is what you are looking for this might not be the game for you.

I Love the Corps: Marine Training Manual 

Inside this book, you will get everything you need for character creation. You will also get further information about the style and setting of the game world. Before buying this book I highly suggest reading the quickstart rules. 

You are also going to get the rules for playing I Love the Corps. The Marine Training Manual functions as a sort of player’s handbook for the game. If you are alright using the PDF you can pick up a copy of this book for FREE on DrivethruRPG! 

I Love the Corps: Classified Materials 

The Classified Materials book is a Game Master’s guide for I Love the Corps. Everything in this book will give the Game Masters guidance on how to run the game. You will also get advice for creating stories and campaigns in various tones and styles. 

Pre-made colonies to explore, hostiles, hazards, and more horrors to unleash on your players are also included in this book. The Classified Materials book is a must-have for any Game Master looking to run I Love the Corps: The best part is the book is FREE on DriveThruRPG!


I Love the Corps is a game that does not take itself too seriously and can be owned for free on DriveThruRPG. It is made by Psychic Cactus Games, I take no ownership of any of the materials mentioned here. The cover for this article is the cover for the I Love the Corps: Classified Materials book.