MultiVersus: Game Review

Character Select Screen as of Open Beta.

MultiVersus is the brawler I have been waiting for; it has a diverse cast of characters, runs smoothly, and has an excellent soundtrack. I was able to buy the founder’s pack and get a couple of days worth of early access. You can play MultiVersus for free right now! Although I got early access, this review will cover the open beta.

The Career Tab

The career tab is one of my favorites I have seen in a brawler thus far, but I think it could use some additions to make it shine. You can see your current level, change your icon, view the leaderboard, and see your most played hero. 

At the bottom of this screen, you can see your match history, and if you click on a match, it will tell you how much damage was done, the ring-outs you and your teammate got, and the deaths. 

Although the career tab gives you some information, I think it could show more. Being able to view the statistics for all of the characters would be a plus. It would also be nice to see how much time you have on any of your characters, not just the one you play the most. 

The Battle Pass 

At the time of writing this article, the battle pass has fifteen tiers because the game is currently in pre-season. You’ll have to progress the pass by completing missions: There are daily missions and seasonal milestones. Daily assignments give you 100 – 200 battle pass points, while seasonal milestones give you 600 battle pass points. Playing the game can earn a few battle pass points through winning and losing matches. 

The pre-season battle pass.

The battle pass has three skins inside, and all three of the skins are well made. The Cake the Cat skin is a variet skin for Jake the Dog.

When the first season launched, I was apprehensive about the battle pass because free-to-play games have been a hit or miss as of late. I was right to be anxious because the season one pass has a lot of blank space.

Going into the battle pass, you should check the available skins. Skins can be expensive in this game, and the battle pass can be an excellent way to get a couple of skins if you pay for the premium tier.

Is it fun?

MultiVerses is extremely fun, and despite having some issues at launch, it is easy for a newcomer to pick up and enjoy.

The roster is vibrant; there is someone for everyone to play with! However, the class system is confusing at best and lackluster at worst. As the game moves forward, I hope to see the class system expanded: A menu with details about each class would be a fantastic addition to the game.

During season one, the performance has begun to become an issue. During multiple online matches, the lag was so bad it was hard for my opponent and me to continue. In MultiVerses, you can complete missions in bot matches. Unfortunately, the lag continued in all of the bot matches.

You can jump into MultiVerses and enjoy it as a free-to-play experience. However, like many new free-to-play games released this year, MultiVerses suffers from horrible marketing. Morty was released recently, and he received little to no marketing.

I would give MultiVerses a solid 7.5/10

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.