Left 4 Dead: Level Dive: Crash Course: Not My Favorite Level, Not Even Close.

The start of the Crash Course campaign.

This level is part of the Left 4 Dead collection. You can view the collection here.

Understanding what Crash Course is. 

The Crash Course level is not an introduction level, and it is not supposed to be telling a major story. Crash Course is a filler level that explains what happens after No Mercy but before Death Toll (if I have the order of levels correct.) The Crash Course level is designed to fill in some blanks. 

When the level starts, you’re greeted by the burning helicopter the survivors used at the end of No Mercy: It crashed, and now the survivors have to get to a truck. Everything is pretty straightforward, and like No Mercy, the level design is cut and dry. 

That damn truck.

No Problem With Filler 

Because of the number of campaigns in Left 4 Dead, I have no problem with filler. My issue lies with how bland Crash Course feels. Left 4 Dead has some spectacular level design further in the game, but Crash Course feels like it is missing some love. 

The filler is fine because the campaign is short. There are only two levels. Crash Course feels extremely washed out. I was expecting something like this because of the general setting of the level. 

Waiting for the truck made me want to pull my hair out. 

Typically, I don’t have any problems with these portions of the game. In No Mercy, you have to wait for the helicopter to arrive before you can escape. Something about Crash Course felt slow. 

Defending the truck had me wanting to pull my hair out from the moment it began inching its way down. The hoards of zombies were fine enough, and fighting two tanks was fun, but I couldn’t wait for this level to be over. 

Final Score 

The Crash Course level will receive a 2/5 on its level dive. Although I understood the purpose of the level and its story, I couldn’t help but count the minutes until the level was over.

Rating: 2 out of 5.