Go Home Dinosaurs: Mini-Review: A fun tower defense game, mostly.

Go Home Dinosaurs is a fun tower defense game released on Steam in 2013. The premise is straightforward. You have to defend your barbeque from dinosaurs using a variety of traps that each have a different shape.

The gimmick for this tower defense game is the puzzle pieces. Each trap can only fit in a certain area, like Tetris: Not every trap will be usable on every map.

Not for veterans of tower defense games 

Tower defense games are some of my favorites to play. With that in mind, I can’t recommend this game to anyone who has played even a fraction of the tower defense genre. Despite having some complex elements, Go Home Dinosaurs does leave some to be desired. 

Great for newcomers 

Go Home Dinosaurs is a game I would recommend to newcomers! The store is not that complex and could probably be avoided. The traps are straightforward, and the levels are well designed. 

If you have never played a tower defense game, I suggest starting with Go Home Dinosaurs.


Go Home Dinosaurs is a fun tower defense game that lacks depth. Despite having some cool ideas baked into it, I could not stay interested long enough to recommend this game to genre veterans. 

Children and players who are not familiar with the genre will likely have a good time with this game. Go Home Dinosaurs has a fun art style and a simple premise that will make it easy to follow. If you’re looking for a more “advanced” tower defense game, this is not your game.

Go Home Dinosaurs will be receiving a 3/5 for its mini-review because of the lack of depth and the general uselessness of the store. Although I like the puzzle gimmick, it does get old fast. There is some variety in the traps you can use but not enough to justify some of the design details.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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