Toadled Game Review: This game was fun for what it was!

Toadled was released on September 22, 2016, so I am late to the party. I stumbled on the game while clearing my backlog. I am trying to try games I forgot. I do not always give these games a second look, but Toadled was different. 

Toadled is a point-and-click game where you play as a Toad who must consume everything in his path to grow bigger. Unless you’re reading the collectible comic pages, Toadled has no story, and that’s alright.

It has one job, and it does it okay. 

Toadled is a point-and-click game with simplistic gameplay. You point your mouse at an object and eat it; if you do this too slowly, the object will damage you. You will have to collect coins for upgrades and avoid bombs. 

Toadled could have benefited from placing the toad on the screen in a better position. On occasion, I found it hard to track everything going on: You can get around this by using the slow mode. 

Each of the upgrades will mostly make your gameplay experience easier. Some of them, like fewer bombs, felt like they were a waste of coins. The growth time and shrink-less upgrades were the most useful during my time with Toadled. 

Artificial Difficulty 

As you progress in Toadled, the screen appears to get smaller. Or the objects are so out of scale it becomes hard to track them. I felt there was not enough polish given to the end game. The difficulty comes from the toad getting bigger and objects moving faster: However it often feels like no one thought this through. As the toad gets bigger, the objects appear to be scaling incorrectly. 

This screenshot was taken on Steam.

I was not Expecting Much. 

In my Toadled mini-review, I discuss how this game does exactly what it sets out to do! There is no innovation in Toadled, and that’s okay, I guess? I wasn’t expecting the game to blow me away, but I thought I would hate it. 

Toadled gets a 5/10 

Toadled will be receiving a 5/10, and that is not a bad score by any stretch of the imagination. Toadled met my expectations! It runs well, and I had no issues playing the game. Some of the gameplay elements feel tacked on like the fewer bombs upgrade. 

Toadled is getting a 5/10 because: 

  • It runs well enough, and I had no issues trying to play this game. 
  • The gameplay was straightforward. 
    • Some upgrades felt tacked on or completely pointless. 
  • There are collectibles in the form of comic pages. 
  • Toadled did not do anything new but met my expectations. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 0 out of 5.