Glyph Mini-Review: I suck at this game, and I love it!

Glyph is a gorgeous game that I knew I would suck at from the moment I got into the tutorial. Generally, I’m bad at balancing a ball on a stick. I primarily game on the PlayStation 5, and despite Glyph having controller support, I wanted to try it with a keyboard and mouse first. 

I struggle with every aspect of this game, but the physics and art style keeps me coming back for more! Glyph starts slow, but it picks up if you progress further. You can buy Glyph on Steam for $19.99. The price is steep, but if you like puzzle-like games, this could be a lovely addition to your collection.

What a loading screen looks like in Glyph. This screenshot was taken on Steam.

What is Glyph? 

In Glyph you roll around as a metallic-looking scarab. You’re warned to stay off of the sand at all costs: This means you will have to roll, stomp, bounce, climb, and glide around the various puzzle areas. Glyph is an old-school platforming game at its heart: It feels like one too! You do not get upgrades, level-ups, or any kind of bonus.


With your guide, Anobie, you will both work together to rebuild a civilization that has been buried under the sand.

Anobie will help you through the tutorial and beyond.

There are secrets hidden inside each of the levels as well, so there is plenty of story to uncover.

It Is Fun To Fail 

During my time (so far) with Glyph I have never felt punished. Each time I hit the sand, or lava, I could tell where I messed up. The mechanics and animations are smooth, and nothing about this game feels cheap. 

Glyph is hard but rewarding. Although you don’t get upgrades, a sense of achievement is present throughout the game. So far, my experience has been nothing but pleasant. Glyph is receiving a 3/5 for this mini-review.

Rating: 3 out of 5.