Warpips Mini Review: I Adore This Game!

Warpips is a game I expected to hate. I did not have many expectations when I downloaded it and did not watch a trailer first. Going in blind was the best thing I did with this game. Warpips is a “tug of war” strategy game. Your army will work to destroy the opponent’s base, and at first, the gameplay is very simple. However, the management portion of the game quickly comes into play during the campaign, and this is where Warpips shines. You can buy Warpips on Steam for $11.99.

This is one of the maps in the campaign. This screenshot was taken on Steam.

Game Modes 

Warpips has a couple of different game modes, and each of them shines in its own way. 

  • Campaign 
    • During the campaign, you move through different islands taking as much territory as possible. 
    • You have to manage your troops carefully. 
    • There is a technology tree that I hope gets expanded on in the future. 
  • Random Battle 
    • In random battle you’re given a random selection of troops to work with. 
    • Random battle has multiple difficulties. 
  • Endless 
    • Endless battles. 

The campaign is fun, sometimes the areas you’re battling in start to look the same. The management of the campaign mode is my favorite part. Regardless of the game mode, you choose you cannot pick where your troops attack, they move on their own. You can hold a button to make them defend or advance but these buttons should be used and managed wisely.

The Troops! 

Warpips has a large selection of troops you can use to fill your hotbar. Troops can only be used a limited amount of times during the campaign so choose the units you want to use wisely. Each troop does something different! Some work better together, and others appear to be redundant if they’re all used at the same time. 

You will be able to send out gas, bombs, dogs, and more during the course of your playthrough. Some objects in the game can be placed on the field and used to gather money as well. 

That’s All! 

Warpips is a fun game that has its moments of tension, but is overall very relaxing. The game lends itself well to its art style and has hours of content to play through. I would like to see enhancements made to the technology tree in the campaign, but overall Warpips has enough content to keep me entertained for hours to come. Warpips scores a solid 4/5.

Rating: 4 out of 5.