Mario Golf: Super Rush: Mini Review: A solid golfing experience!

Mario Golf Super Rush offers something for everyone if you know what you want! Fans of Mario Sports games will notice that this sports game has a fun online mode and up until recently received free updates that drastically increased the quality of life. In 2022 how does Mario Golf: Super Rush hold up? I think it holds up just fine!

Gamemode Variety 

Mario Golf: Super Rush has a good selection of game modes!

Standard Golf is your standard golfing experience, the player with the lowest points will win: This is my favorite game mode because it offers a relaxing experience. 

Speed Golf is where Super Rush shines! You will have to finish each hole as fast as you can, and each stroke will add time to the clock. I avoid this game mode. While I admit it is fun it’s too fast-paced for my liking. If you want a faster experience this is the game mode for you. 

Battle Golf is the weakest in the selection, you will have to fight over nine holes and race to be the first to get three flags. I found this mode to be hectic and the controls didn’t lend themselves well to this mode for me. 

Target Golf is my second favorite game mode and I view it as a welcome addition to the game. You will take turns trying to hit a target on three holes. Each target is worth more points depending on the part of the circle you land on. Since I play this game to relax I enjoy the slow pace of this game mode. You can also use it as target practice. 

This screenshot was taken on the Nintendo Switch.

Ranked Mode 

I was not expecting this game to have ranked play! Ranked is a welcomed addition that gives you a chance to earn uniforms for your characters. This month I earned some colors for Shy Guy and had a lot of fun playing standard golf online. 

I was surprised to see a functioning online mode! It is my favorite way to play standard golf and I highly recommend giving it a try. You earn points as you play regardless of if you win or lose so you won’t have to stress about rushing for the monthly unlocks.


You can play Super Rush using the button controls and the motion controls. Ranked allows you to choose what set of controls you want as well. I am partial to the button controls because I never play with the Nintendo Switch in docked mode. However, the motion controls play well! I didn’t have any issues using them, although I won’t be using them often. 

The “story mode” 

I have never been so uninterested in a Mario Sports games story mode before! In this mode, you get to play as a custom Mii character and go on a golfing adventure. The mode isn’t bad by any means and does have some polish to it, the characters all come to life and the art style pops but it wasn’t for me.

A solid golfing Experience 

Mario Golf: Super Rush is a solid golfing experience that offers everything I was looking for in a golfing game. You get a fair number of courses and each course has its own distinct personality, a fair number of characters, and a good amount of game modes. 

Super Rush could benefit from one last round of courses, though they said the game would receive no more free updates. I am hopeful we will see DLC in the future. Mario Golf: Super Rush earns a solid 7/10 for its mini-review. If I had played the game at launch it would have received a 5/10 at most! The free updates and tweaks allowed this game to flourish.